Wanderers Super Summer Sevens 2018

The Senior Wanderers Super Summer Sevens is an open seven-a-side social football competition held at Melrose Enclosed on Tuesday nights for 10 weeks during October to December.

The competition is open to all members of the football community, men and women; however, players must turn 16 or older in 2018 to participate.

Key Dates:

Nominations Open: Now Open

Nominations Close: Friday 28 September (or when all divisions are full)

Competition Dates: See below

Nomination Process:

To nominate a team, team managers should:

  • Provide a COMPLETED Nomination Form with all details and submit it via email to lightning@wwfc.org.au.

  • The organiser will then email you to accept your nomination and provide details for payment.

  • Consent Forms: By entering the tournament, all coaches/managers and players agree to abide by the tournament rules. Coaches/Managers are responsible for ensuring teams comply with the Summer Sevens Rules. Failure to comply will result in teams being removed from the tournament.


When: Tuesday nights - 9, 16, 23, 30 Oct; 6, 13, 20, 27 Nov; 4, 11 Dec

Where: Melrose


Fees: $900 per team (8-12 players), non-CF registered players add $12 for insurance. Players playing CF winter comps or Futsal are covered.

Senior Sevens Rules
  • Games are 20 minutes each way with a five minute half time break.

  • Seven players a side (including one goalkeeper) and a maximum of five substitutes.

  • Teams must register at least 10 players but no more than 12.

  • Teams must wear the same shirt and same coloured socks - except goalkeepers who must wear a different shirt and can wear the same or different socks.

  • Teams are responsible for providing bibs when there is a colour clash with the 'home' team.

  • Shin guards are compulsory. Players will not be permitted on the field without shin guards. If you are injured without shin guards you are not covered by the insurance.

  • Regular football rules apply (including the adherence to the FFA Code of Conduct*), with two exceptions:

    • No slide tackles - Slide tackles will result in an indirect free kick for the opposition.​

    • No offside

  • A player issued a YELLOW CARD must leave the field for 5 minutes and cannot be replaced. A player issued a RED CARD will be required to leave the field for the remainder of the game and may face a one match ban possible further disciplinary action.

  • The FFA Code of Conduct can be found here.

  • Referees are provided.

  • In the unlikely event a referee becomes unavailable, the 'home' team will be required to provide a referee for a game. These referees can caution and send players off.

  • All teams will be responsible for putting the goals and nets up when they play in the first time slot and taking them down and packing them up after the last time slot game.

  • All teams are required to provide a match ball each for use each week.

  • Please remember that this is a SOCIAL competition and should be played that way. Teams or players may be excluded for the remainder of the season for any indiscretions during the competition.

  • Teams will be organised into divisions depending on preference and ability - on the Nomination Form, teams will be asked to nominate which division they would like to play in - however, teams may be graded to provide a similar level of competition and increase enjoyment of the competition.

  • Referees will provide the competition coordinators with end results to be displayed in the results section.

  • All football players and officials participating in Capital Football affiliated competitions are required to have an FFA Number.

  • Players that have NOT competed in winter football/Futsal competitions in 2018 will need to register for an FFA number and pay the $12 insurance cost.

  • The link to obtain an FFA number can be found here.

  • Once they have generated their FFA number, ensure that the team manager includes the details on the Registration Form.

Summer Senior Competition Organiser

Please direct all queries to: lightning@wwfc.org.au